Thanks to the overwhelming scientific production on previous epidemic infections from coronaviruses, scientific literature and public biological databases can teach us a lot about COVID19. However, it is evident that we were not ready to face the disease!

One possible cause is that science speaks through sectorial papers and a holistic view is hard.

LET’SBE intends to promote a transdisciplinary action to fight COVID19 making science easy to cross disciplinary boundaries and to find new languages to be friendly shared.

LET’SBE starts from clarifying what are the scientific evidence from the coronaviruses causing severe pneumoniae since 2003, being supportive for medical treatments and appropriate actions during and after the emergency.

LET’SBE wants us to be all conscious of what and how we can face in the current fight and to be prepared for the next.

The goal is to make LET’SBE a source of friendly and easily accessible resources to all: those who are on the frontline, the scientists, the stakeholders and the common people.

Contributions are expected to share and build information on:

Molecular networks: to model the molecular network involved in the disease

Structure modelling: study molecule to molecule interactions involving SARS-CoV2

Epidemiology: multilayer study and modeling of the disease expansion

Tools and Care: list of scientific methods, paper and tools that can help (contributions from pharma are welcome).

Experts in the field can join this effort based on a volunteer contribution and start a collaborative action (proposing discussion, materials, data) becoming a partner of a working group. Working groups interact to improve current knowledge and the way to share it, to make scientific results clear and readily available for the next fight.